Manufactered by : CRC Industries Europe NV Touwslagerstraat 1 – 9240 Zele – Belgium Tel  (32) (0) 52/45.60.11  Fax  (32) (0) 52/45.00.34 Technical Data Sheet KONTAKT CHEMIE Silicone 72 Page 1/2 Insulating oil, lubricant for plastics KONTAKT CHEMIE Silicone 72 Description: Silicone oil (polydimethyl siloxane) General properties and applications: KONTAKT  CHEMIE  Silicone  72  is  a  medium-viscosity  silicone  oil  with  optimum  electrical properties and excellent temperature resistance. KONTAKT CHEMIE Silicone 72 is supplied in canisters as a pure silicone oil. Depending on the application conditions, it can be used undiluted or can be diluted to the desired viscosity with a light-volaty hydrocarbon. In aerosol form, a suitable solvent has already been added (propellent: carbon dioxide). KONTAKT  CHEMIE  Silicone  72  is  used  in  the  electronics  industry  for  the  elimination  of insulation defects in small high-voltage transformers and coils (e.g. line transformers in TV sets). The silicone oil penetrates very quickly into the coils. Compared with other fluids, it has an extraordinarily high dielectric strength. KONTAKT  CHEMIE  Silicone  72  is  also  suitable  as  a  lubricant  for  many  plastics.  In  this capacity it does not attack sensitive materials and has a negligible contaminating effect. It can also be used for improving the gliding properties of paper, cardboard, wood etc. Because of its excellent temperature stability it can be used, for example, for the lubrication of paper pressure pads in the fixing units of laser printers and copiers. In particular cases it can also be used for metals, particularly when only a small change in viscosity is required over a wide temperature range. Technical data Properties of the aerosol Density at 20°C FEA 605 0,78 g/cm³ Colour colourless, transparent Flash point DIN 51755 < 0°C Silicone oil content In-house method 45% Solvent evaporation rate DIN 53170 Ca. 1,2
Manufactered by : CRC Industries Europe NV Touwslagerstraat 1 – 9240 Zele – Belgium Tel  (32) (0) 52/45.60.11  Fax  (32) (0) 52/45.00.34 KONTAKT CHEMIE SILICONE 72 Page 2/2 Properties of the active ingredient = concentrate Density at 20°C ASTM D 891 0,97 g/cm³ Colour Colourless transparent Temperature resistance In-house method -50°C to 160°   when air excluded up to 250°C Flash point ASTM D 56 Ca. 300°C Kinematic viscosity at 25°C DIN 51562 T1 1000 mm²/s Setting point -50°C Dielectric strength DIN 53481 12 kV/mm Volume resistivity DIN 53482 1014 W x cm Dilution ratio for bulk supply Silicone 72 + Cleaner 601 1 part per vol. Silicone 72 +   1 part per vol. Cleaner 610 Application instructions: The easiest way to apply KONTAKT CHEMIE Silicone 72 is from the aerosol can. The spray contains an inflammable solvent, therefore it must not be used on live electrical equipment. Sources  of  ignition  must  be  avoided.  For  relatively  large-scale  applications  or  when  the inflammable solvent presents a problem, the product may also be used in bulk form which, when undiluted, has a very high flash point. If hydrocarbons with a higher flash point than the specified  Cleaner  601  are  used  for  the  dilution,  provision  needs  to  be  made  for  a  much longer  drying  time.  KONTAKT  CHEMIE  Silicone  72  is  a  very  efficient  release  agent  for lacquer,  adhesive  etc,  and  must  not  therefore  be  applied  to  parts  in  regions  where  such substances  are  being  applied.  Electrical  contacts  should  also  not  be  treated  with  it.  The extreme  insulating  properties  and  the  silicon  dioxide  decomposition  product  created  by switching sparks might increase the contact resistances. Information on safety aspects can also be found in the safety datasheet. Available Aerosol : 200 ml Bulk : 1 l concentrate These values are not intended to be used as specifications.  They are based on information we believe reliable.  However, it is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability