Manufactered by : CRC Industries Europe NV Touwslagerstraat 1 – 9240 Zele – Belgium Tel  (32) (0) 52/45.60.11  Fax  (32) (0) 52/45.00.34 Technical Data Sheet KONTAKT CHEMIE Printer 66 Page1/1 Print head cleaner KONTAKT CHEMIE Printer 66 Description: Solvent mixture with antistatic additive.   General properties and applications: KONTAKT  CHEMIE  Printer  66  is  a  balanced  solvent  mixture  for  removing  ink  residues, grease or abraded parts. It cleans the mechanical components and printing heads of printers and typewriters and is also suitable for removing dirt from rubber cylinders in printers. An antistatic additive prevents renewed soiling by paper dust. Technical data Appearance Colourless liquid Density ASTM D 4052 0.713 g/cm3 Flash point ASTM D 56 < 0 °C (flammable) Evaporation rate (vs ether=1) ASTM D 971 max. 11 Application instructions: KONTAKT  CHEMIE  Printer  66  cleans  all  materials  in  printers  and  typewriters  safely  and leaves no residue. The aerosol also sprays upside down and comes with an extension tube, allowing easy cleaning of small parts. Brushing or wiping improves the cleaning effect. Large soiled surfaces should be sprayed generously. Remove any liquid which runs off with a cloth. KONTAKT CHEMIE Printer 66 is flammable, therefore care must be taken when working with the product.  Ensure there are no ignition sources nearby. The product must also not be used in   live   electrical   sub-assemblies.   The   cleaner   must   be   completely   evaporated   before electrical equipment is switched on. Ensure the workplace is well-ventilated when using this product. Additional safety information can be found in the safety data sheet. Available:    Aerosol: 200 ml, 400 ml These values are not intended to be used as specifications.  They are based on what we believe reliable.  However it is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability.